Rachel Taylor Geier

DMA Music Performance


My Story

I began reading tarot cards when I was in college, just for a bit of fun. The more I learned about the different types of spreads and upright vs. reversed card meanings, the more I understood how my readings reflected my life. I searched for solutions to problems through the cards and reflected on warnings about impending situations. As a natural introvert, the cards helped me deal with the overwhelming anxiety I often felt as a college student living far away from home and, whether they were based in reality or not, gave me a sense of control in a world that seemed out of control. The trick I found to reading the cards was to, pardon the pun, not take them at face value. The cards are not intended to predict the future. They are meant to help us think about circumstances in a different light and explore new, creative paths moving forward.

My interest in tarot led naturally into a fascination with astrology. The economy changed drastically between the time that I began my doctoral studies in 2007 and when I obtained my DMA at the end of 2010. With my degree in hand, I began applying to jobs only to receive rejection after rejection. The career I had envisioned for myself did not exist. Depressed and feeling quite hopeless, I turned to astrology to make sense of what the universe had in store for me. I researched what the placements in each one of my 12 houses meant and what effect these placements had on the unique way I saw the world. I began to understand how these planetary influences manifested in my flute playing and why I might interpret aspects of teaching, performing, or writing differently from another sign. I also began to blog about how astrological traits find their way into the work of famous composers and famous flutists.

I believe that there is a lot that we can learn about ourselves by studying the stars. Astrology shows us that we are all different, just as the stars in the sky are vastly different from one another. They are all still part of the same universe, as are we.

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